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Top Questions

What Do I prepare before register on Aumland Platform
  • Telephone Number & Email Address
  • Details of your business such as address, telephone number,…etc
  • Your Bank account Details
  • A photo-copy of your ID. card
  • To sell in Aumland platform your are required to provide us with your Commercial Registration & Tax Card.
  • You will be required later to sign a Contract with us.
What information is needed to add a new brand

To add a new brand on Aumland you need to provide the following information:

  1. The brand name with an active registered trademark

  2. The associated government-registered trademark number

  3. Place of registration

  4. The name of the registered trademark owner

What is The Buyer's payment methods on Aumland

We accept:

Master cards, Visa, COD (cash on delivery), Aman payments, Mobile Wallets (Orange, Vodafon, Etisalat Wallets)

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